The Mission Breeds New Business

Fresh Coffee to-go

Fresh Coffee to-go

Andrew Barnett and Manager Rita brainstorming ideas for the grand opening.

Andrew Barnett and Manager Rita brainstorming ideas for the grand opening.



Outside of Linea Caffe on 18th Street

Outside of Linea Caffe on 18th Street

A new cafe in the Mission is bringing a twist to the traditional coffee scene that not only satisfies taste buds but is also joining the fight against hunger in San Francisco.

Linea Caffe’s mission is to set itself apart from its neighbors by bringing a fresh flavor and a compelling cause together under one roof . Along with offering freshly roasted coffee from some of the worlds’s largest producers, it will also serve Brussels-style waffles, and fresh, tossed, salads for those customers who want a little company with their coffee, and in exchange, $1 from each salad will be donated to, a global grass-roots organization whose mission is to solve the climate crisis that is happening around the world.

As a result, of the recent gentrification that has taken place in the Mission District, new restaurants and small businesses like Linea Caffe found a perfect opportunity to expand and become a part of the new community.

Although this may be beneficial for some owners, to many of the locals, this process is seen as a threat to the authenticity of the area.

“Many locals are very concerned with the big businesses that are coming into the Mission,” said Lily Mc Mahan, owner of Carousel Consignment SF.

Although the idea of new businesses coming into the Mission may be frowned upon by some, business owners like Andrew Barnett, founder of Ecco Caffe, and Anthony Myint, chef of Mission Chinese Food, of Linea Caffe are excited to bring something unique to the Mission District, something that fully represents its character.

“We wanted to do something different; something that was new to the area,” said Barnett.

Thus, business partners, Barnett and Myint teamed up, exchanged ideas, and decided to open Linea Caffe. Being a previous owner of Ecco Caffe, Barnett wanted to create coffee that will have an authentic taste.

“We are going to be roasting our own organic coffee from countries like Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and El Salvador,” said Barnett. “We want to have the best of the best for our customers.”

Barnett not only refers to the company’s coffee but also to its team. The company made it a point to stay committed to its reputation by creating a team of the top baristas in town .
“We made sure to hire the best,” said Barnett.

“Rita, our manager, trained in El Salvador and won third place in the Barista National Competition in Australia, and Tom, our other barista, has worked at many of top coffee bars like Jane, in the Filmore District.”

On the other hand, Myint’s culinary experience and history of charitable efforts brought a fresh objective to Linea Caffe’s mission, helping it to distinguish itself as a caffe that not only offers exotic coffee and distinctive entrees but also as an altruistic business that brings about change within its community.

“Anthony chose to give back to an organization that will have a direct impact on the future generation, which included his young daughter,” said Barnett.

“When he had his daughter, Anthony thought to himself what can I do to help my daughter’s future?”

Giving back to the community is not something new for Anthony, who has given 75 cents from each entree from Mission Chinese food to the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank.

His efforts has helped to raise $ 211,361, and with his new project, his vision remains the same: to give back to a cause that will impact his community, environment, and the future generation.

Together these partners hope to create a place where locals come to enjoy the Mission and all it has to offer.
Linea Caffe will have its unofficial grand opening Sept. 17. It will be open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in its small location: 3417 18th St. at San Carlos, next to Duc Loi.


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