The Central Diamond : Potrero Del Sol Park

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Potrero Del Sol is one park in the Mission that many of the locals rave about , and their  love for this park can be seen by the number of the locals  and other people from around the city that flock there daily.

This small diamond, within the Mission, not only houses green, grassy, lawns that can be used for small family picnics or sport activities, but it also includes a colorful playground, a performance space for concerts and  festivals, a nearby community garden, and the famous La Raza skate park. This skate park, which is the largest skate park in San Francisco, has quickly become a hang-out spot and a home for the skating community around San Francisco.

“People love to hang out here because its the only skate park in Sf worth going to, plus there is hella good food around, and people get a sense of community, like you get to see all your friends”, say Jojo Conteh, 20, a criminal justice major at San Francisco State University.

This beautifully constructed skate park first opened back in 2008 and  has attracted both the young and the old to enjoy all that it has to offer .

This park not only gathers skaters, but it also draws in music lovers, children and families . The local children and families  seem to enjoy the fairly new playground structure and its creative design, and  for the music lovers, the famous Phono Del Sol Music And Food Festival  is a major event that draws crowds during the summer.  This festival brings indie bands from around the city and beyond to come and share their music.

This festival is also a favorite for food-lovers because of the local food trucks that gather together in the park to share some of the best food in town .

“Come back soon; maybe black and blue can be a fashionable look”, says Bob Lake, 40,  who is a regular skater at the La Raza skate park.

Potrero Del Sol is located at Potrero & Army St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Phono Del Sol Music And Food Festival



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